Project Wrench
WRENCH is a new project of the ensemble Hexnut together with the photographs of Edward Burtynsky. The performance consists of new compositions performed in a tightly versed integration of sound and projected image. New compositions by Jan-Bas Bollen, David Dramm, Anthony Fiumara, Ned McGowan, Mayke Nas, Seung-Ah Oh, Steve Ricks and Felipe Waller are combined into a s...

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Wed 25
Sept 2013
BYU Arts – Utah, USA
BYU Arts
Sun 4
Nov 2012
Lantaren Venster
Sat 5
May 2012
Intro In Situ
Tues 13
Mar 2012
Wed 23
Nov 2011
Wed 28
Sep 2011
Wed 7
Sep 2011
Gaudeamus Muziekweek/Vredenburg

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Sun 22
May 2011
Muziekgebouw aan het IJ

19.15-19.45  INTERVIEW with Edward Burtynsky and Ned McGowan (BAM ZAAL)

20.15  WRENCH by Ensemble Hexnut with photo’s of Edward Burtynsky

Link to Earlybirds website Muziekgebouw aan het IJ